About Us


  • Consultation

    Our confident knowledge of industry protocol means we’re able to construct and discuss your ideas, whilst then finding creative solutions to ensure your vision comes to life. It’s here we form an inseparable bromance and develop the perfect film to best represent your brand.

  • Filming

    Once briefed, our talented film unit will head out on location with the director to record the action and bring to life the storyboards developed in our consultancy phase. We use industry standard film equipment which allows us to capture those breathtaking and unique cinematic shots.

  • Post Production

    The material recorded on location is then securely stored and organised for editing. In order to create the cinematic experience desired to fit your film, we then work tirelessly to cut the footage into a coherent sequence, fine-tune their colours, add any relevant visual effects and then polish the audio.

  • Distribution

    When we’re both satisfied with the final product, our work is then shared with you online. So whether you’re intending to use the video for social media platforms or just for personal use, we’re able to export an optimised resolution to best fit your requirements. We use a unique and secure method to do this, which means all you need to do is sit back and relax whilst your files download.

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